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Strategic Operations Management

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Business Strategy Combined with Tactical Operations Solutions

An efficient operational framework is the backbone of a successful business. Unless you routinely audit your operations and rectify issues, your company will slow down. Your efforts to expand your business will be stymied by insufficient capital, poor customer relations, and lackluster employee performance.

Focused Energy can help you ditch the deadweight and streamline your operational process with our outsourced strategic services.

Our team of operations experts have the experience and knowledge you need to whip your company into shape. When you work with us, you can focus on expanding your enterprise while we provide you with the robust operational framework needed to sustain it.

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Fractional COO and Leadership

Our chief operations officers work with your senior management teams and C-suite officers, helping your business optimize resources, align processes, and uncover pain points. All these will allow you to improve your chances for success.

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Organizational Alignment

We’ll align your people, processes, and infrastructure by identifying your organization’s big-picture objectives. In doing so, we help your business find the best path toward achieving its vision.

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Change Management

Our experienced COOs guide your teams and the entire company through changes. We provide you with the tools to anticipate, adapt, and grow with opportunities that strengthen your business for future challenges.

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Strategic Operations Services

Fractional COO & Leadership

We work with senior management and the C-suite as your fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO) or in other business leadership positions needed. We help you optimize resources, align processes, and resolve pain points to increase your chances of success.

Business Strategy, Creation & Execution

A sound business strategy is key to success. We can help create a strategy and establish a framework with a clear set of project goals to ensure you stay on target.

Methods & Procedures, Continuous Improvement

Working smarter means having efficient processes in place, but also ensuring they evolve and grow with your company. Our analysis uncovers a comprehensive view of operations so you can track gaps, define workflows and track progress in order to meet goals and improve performance.

Organization Alignment (people, process, technology)

We can help chart a course for your organization based on long-term goals and a longer term vision. By clarifying your company's big picture aims, you'll have the opportunity to align your people, process and infrastructure to your vision.

Strategic Direction & Decision Support
We know business rise or fall based on sound decision-making. We help our clients anticipate needed actions and offer proactive solutions for what's ahead.
Communication Cadence
Communication is essential to any organization. Our experts will help you establish, nuture and define communication channels inside your company for your teams and sales to thrive.
Sales & Supply Chain Optimization
Is your organization running at peak efficiency? As your business grows, are your sales, inventory and supply chain ready to grow with you? Our operations and financial experts can offer guidance and insight to move in the right direction.
Resource & Staff Planning
Do you have the right people, at the right time and in the right position to run effectively? Utilizing our operational expertise, we can review and align your resources, staffing and hiring plans according to your short- and long-term goals.
Change Management
Harnessing data-driven insights and proven methods, our business-savvy team can guide your organization and teams in times of change. We give your business the tools to foresee, adapt and grow with transformational opportunities now and into the future.
Transition & Succession Planning
Few issues are as essential to the life of a business as determining the leaders shaping the future of the organization. Focused Energy can guide business leaders through options and time-proven tips to make transitions a success for everyone involved.

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Focused Energy’s expert team has a mission: help you succeed by determining the challenges that lay ahead and giving you the insight to make informed decisions that achieve your goals.

We assist your expansion efforts by reducing inefficient processes, maximizing your profit potential, and putting the right people in the right jobs. Our outsourced services provide you with a cost-effective method of securing the experienced personnel you need to take your company to new heights of success.

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