Finance & Operation Resources

Focused Energy Launches Operations & Change Management Arm, Taps Industry Expert Mike LaVilla to Lead

Mike LaVilla has joined FE to lead its new operations consultancy program which addresses the root causes, not just the symptoms, of issues slowing a company down—a challenge confronted by companies large and small. It tackles organization alignment, employee engagement, change management, client satisfaction, revenue growth and improved profitability, among other areas.

Guide for Gauging Business Performance

It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the daily grind of running a company that you skip business performance reviews. But the goals you set for your business at the start of the year won’t do much good if you don’t check whether you’re meeting them. The key to success is setting clear goals and checking year-to-year performance carefully,...

Best Business Legacy Planning Tips

While everyone needs an estate plan, it is even more vital for an entrepreneur. Indeed, it's too tempting to focus on growing a company while neglecting to consider what may happen to their business if something were to happen to them. The single biggest risk to any venture is a death, explains FE partner Drew Lyon in an interview with...

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