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3 Things to Expect From Your Tax Advisor

There comes a time when it makes sense to hire an expert to take over your taxes and the rest of the financial functions of your business. Working with a financial expert such as a part-time CFO, accountant, controller or tax advisor can save business leaders valuable time and often mistakes.

Good tax advisors aren’t just for tax preparation. They can provide guidance on multiple areas of your business and help steer you towards optimum financial health. Is your financial team or consultants up to the challenge of your growing business? Are your current advisors a good fit?

Watch our video to learn what to expect or to supplement your CPAs with outsourced tax advisory.


What to expect from a business tax pro

Whether you have been working with the same tax advisor for years or if this is your first year with a new firm, there are critical things your company should expect.

However, it’s important to select a tax professional who is a good fit. Here are some items to look out for (or signs it is time to look elsewhere).

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Proactive guidance

A savvy CPA firm will prevent problems way before they happen.

How can you tell if you’re working with a proactive CPA?

A telltale sign is if you hear from them throughout the year about the state of your business, not just tax time.

This can help ensure accurate payment and limit surprise tax bills.


How can you tell if you’re CPA is a good fit?

Is your CPA handling your growth and the added complexities that come with it?

The time may come when a client outgrows the skill set of their CPA firm (yet are unaware of it).

To be a good fit, check if they have specialized experience with your issues or particular industry.

Not every tax advisor has expertise with every variant in the tax code. But while your challenges are new for you, they shouldn’t be for a seasoned professional who is familiar with your business.

A tax accountant’s job is to know the latest tax developments, including any new deductions, credits or laws. Are you concerned with past tax filings and whether you got the best return? Get a review with our financial experts.


How do you know if you are working with someone with integrity? You should feel comfortable with and confident in a tax advisor’s approach to providing ethical tax advice and bookkeeping.

A clear indication is their willingness to say “I do not know” or “Let me recheck and get back to you.” That’s a sign of honesty.

In sum, to find the best tax professional for your business, it is important to have a clear understanding of what you need from them.

As a general rule of thumb, look for a tax advisor who specializes in your issues and knows your industry.

Each business has its own unique tax challenges. A good financial specialist understands the tax regulations that affect your industry the most. They can help you strategize, plan, and save for your taxes.

Get specialized tax help now

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