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Focused Energy is an outsourced finance, operations and accounting services firm based in Denver, CO. We allow you to focus on what matters – your business.

Whether you're a growth-minded company looking to strategically scale or a family-owned business wanting to secure its legacy, our outsourced finance and CFO services provide the insights to confidently lead your organization to new heights.

By letting our team manage your business finances, we give you the tools, capacity, insights and leverage that you need to raise funds and grow your vision.

We can handle everything from mundane accounting system or due diligence to building a cohesive business strategy and financial models. If it has a number, we want to help you manage it, understand it, and to use that information to help you drive better results. With our strategic financial management at your service, your business can reach new heights of success. Take a look at what we do.

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Strategic Financial Services

Fractional CFO & Leadership

Bridging the gap between accounting and management, the CFO translates financial information into forward-looking, action-oriented analysis needed to achieve your business goals. Understanding your end business objectives and creating detailed plans to reach those goals is how we provide value to your shareholders, employees and partners.

Budget to Actuals

Business leaders require a budget to actual comparison to determine where there are areas that require more resources, whether the budget is realistic and if they are on pace to meet their long-term objectives. We help assess how closely a company's spending and revenue meet the financial forecast and strategic goals.

Cashflow Analysis

Cash management is the bloodline of any business, especially those that are focusing on growth. Our reporting and analysis is rooted in deep operational experience and provides you a way to have a comprehensive, unbiased view of your company's financial health.

Financial Modeling & Forecasting

Detailed financial models and forecasting can help you understand every aspect of your business and how to acheive vision. Additionally, we help clients with modeling possible partnerships, key revenue sources, fundraising and any possible scenario your vision creates.

Due Diligence, Fundraising & Valuation

We know that possibly, one of the most frustrating times is the need to raise capital, value your stock for options and get ready for due diligence. Our entrepreneurial experience provides insight from both sides of the table, and we put that hard-won expertise to work for our clients.

Audit Preparation

Preparing your business for an audit can seem like a daunting task. Our experts help organize your data and prepare the necessary financial information to ensure that your audit runs smoothly and you maximize the value of your company.

Strategic Operation Solutions

Fractional COO & Leadership

We work with senior management and the C-suite as your fractional Chief Operations Officer (COO) or in other business leadership positions needed. We help you optimize resources, align processes, and resolve pain points to increase your chances of success.

Operational Planning & Strategy

A sound business strategy is key to success. We can help create a strategy and establish a framework with a clear set of project goals to ensure you stay on target.

Continuous Business Improvement

Working smarter means having efficient processes in place, but also ensuring they evolve and grow with your company. Our analysis uncovers a comprehensive view of operations so you can track gaps, define workflows and track progress in order to meet goals and improve performance.

Resources & Staff Planning

Do you have the right people, at the right time and in the right position to run effectively? Utilizing our operational expertise, we can review and align your resources, staffing and hiring plans according to your short- and long-term goals.

Change Management

Harnessing data-driven insights and proven methods, our business-savvy team can guide your organization and teams in times of change. We give your business the tools to foresee, adapt and grow with transformational opportunities now and into the future.

Transition & Succession Planning

Few issues are as essential to the life of a business as determining the leaders shaping the future of the organization. Focused Energy can guide business leaders through options and time-proven tips to make transitions a success for everyone involved.

Tactical Accounting Services

Accountants & Controllers

We manage your day to day accounting, bill pay, accounts receivable (A/R), accounts payable (A/P), business expenses, payroll, bank accounts, credit cards and loans etc. You name it and we will manage, organize and guarantee your accounts are closed and monthly reports are delivered on your timeline.

Financial Dashboard & Metric Reporting

Accurate, intelligent and insightful financial reporting is key to effectively managing your business. Our reporting is carefully customized and crafted to give in-depth financial analysis, quick access to key performance metrics and insight on critical business information.

Systems Automation

The least productive use of your money is on finance and accounting. We offer a curated grouping of affordable, widely available, finance software integrations which provide greater financial transparency and controls. The systems that we implement save money and help your people save time through efficiency.

Forensic Accounting

How do you know if your bookkeeping is accurate, clean and up to date? We offer forensic level accounting clean-up services to make sure all of your numbers are correct. We have extensive experience in unraveling years of financial data and matching disparate data sources to give you the true picture of your financials.

How We Can Help You Level Up Your Business & Strategy

Keeping track of finances and making sure your accounts are in order is a complicated but necessary endeavor. Organized finances are the foundation for developing your business and ensuring that it expands into a powerhouse in your field.

However, without experienced personnel to handle these tasks, you’re putting your business at risk of experiencing financial issues. Small and mid-sized businesses, in particular, can have a hard time finding people with the right kind of knowledge and enough experience to ensure their finances flourish.

Focused Energy provides outsourced strategic corporate finance experts and accounting services. Our fractional CFOs have spent years in the field and know how to manage your company’s monetary resources. We offer experienced professionals who advise you on how to grow your business, manage your capital, and ensure that your day-to-day finances are in order.

With Focused Energy’s dedicated and experienced team at your side, you’ll know that your company’s finances are in safe hands

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