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A diverse team of fractional experts bringing unique solutions

We care about your team, your business, and your household. We create valuable outcomes to get out of your own way and accomplish your dreams.
Focused Energy Team (10)

Founded in


with a vision to give back to the community

Supported in raising over


in capital funds for our clients

Given over


pro-bono consulting hours to the community

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What you can expect from us

We roll up our sleeves and partner with clients to eliminate small business roadblocks with data-driven insights. Our fractional advisors help transform businesses to scale.

  • We get in the weeds and actually execute.
  • We take the late-night calls.
  • We're ready to have the tough conversations that no one else will have with you.
  • We're going to tell you the root cause of the problems in your business.

We live our values

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Consider the households and the impact of the business decisions

We're motivated to build healthy businesses to create jobs and ensure affected households stay healthy and secure.

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Love your work, the clients, and who you work with

You should be happy and excited to start work everyday - if not, you're doing the wrong thing.

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Be Accountable

Be someone that people can count on, no matter what

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Embrace the tough conversations you need to have

We don't shy away from the hard truths, or talking about them. We look forward to discussing (and solving) what is stopping progress

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Commitment to Excellence

Do what you say, when you say you will do it. We go above and beyond to create impactful results.

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Drive Results Quickly

Be driven to action to make impactful things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen to you


We only work with companies that support our community goals.

We believe that enabling small business owners to master their financial future is an investment in the wellbeing of the community and families. Focused energy leads a 501(c)-3, through which we donate services to entrepreneurs. We focus on serving small businesses in communities that are under-served, marginalized, and under-represented.

Our Team

Judy Lindenmeyer
Partner, Practice Lead - Finance and Accounting
David Cox
Drew Bonder
Partner, VP Sales & Organizational Consultant
Susan Gingery
COO/VP of Operations and Strategy
Ariel Castillo
Bonnie Nordling
VP Fin-Ops & Controller
Cathy Diggles
Senior Accountant
Max Damewood
Susan Kazi
Marcia Rosa
Lindsey Yang
Umar Manzar
CFO & FP&A Analyst
Ani Gesheva
FP&A Analyst
Kellen Jemeyson
Karen Harris
Senior Accountant
Andrea Barlow
VP of Finance
Drew Lyon
Founder & Managing Partner
Creighton Uyechi
VP of Finance
Qing Dong
Kevin Taylor
VP of Finance
Andrea Silva

"Focused Energy is extremely proactive and diligent about various matters concerning our company. They provide excellent and actionable strategic insight not only on the day to day operations and business functions but also on the growth path for our company."

Andrea Silva Director, Iterate

Is your business stuck with inaccurate forecasting and operational headaches?

Our team of experts include CFOs, COOs, Controllers, and Accountants that can give the business insights you need to make informed decisions to get things done.

Focused Energy Team (3)

Contact Us

Headquartered in Denver, CO

6024 Youngfield Street, Arvada, CO 80004

(844) 413-6287


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