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Structure, Strategize, and Scale Your Marketing Agency with Expert Fractional CFO Services

Transform your financials and pinpoint the strategies that drive results.

Expert Finance & Accounting Solutions Specifically For Marketing Companies.

Whether you focus on creative services, public relations, or digital and social media marketing, our fractional CFOs for B2B marketing agencies help you understand how to maximize your offerings.

With straightforward, concise, data-driven tactics, we break down your financials and deep dive into your accounting.

You benefit from the most innovative ways to handle vendor bills, contractor fees, and service delivery, all to accelerate your company's success.

Let us educate you on what you can do to make smart, insightful business decisions that give you financial freedom so you can get back to having fun with your clients.

Simple, efficient, repeatable—that’s the Focused Energy way.

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“I appreciate many things about the relationship, but the thing that stands out the most is your level of passion and dedication. I've always felt that your team has been fully invested in our success and you've gone above and beyond to deeply understand our business and help us in ways beyond what we expected.”

Dan Konigsberg CEO, CampMinder

Our Differentiators

Structure Your Financials
Lay the groundwork for success with customized financial plans.

Our CFOs are the financial backbone of service-driven marketing agencies, organizing your accounting so you can see profitability by project.

We collaborate with key company decision-makers to examine your overhead and give you the confidence to increase rates to support operational costs.

Our approach eliminates guesswork by creating digestible financial structures with detailed reporting, closeout procedures, and easy-to-understand systems to input data.

We’ll track and report all the financial pieces daily, weekly, and monthly, creating a partnership where we will point your business in the right direction.



Strategize Your Tactics
Leverage your marketing services to drive profitability.

Designed exclusively for your unique offerings, our part-time CFOs for marketing agencies consider your pipeline of projects to develop a strategic, service-centric plan.

By proactively dissecting every layer of your business, we look at where we need to pivot resources while enhancing others.

We can also anticipate problems before they become issues, keeping your operations on track so you can manage cash flow.

Learn what you can do right now to hit your growth goals as we simplify your strategy with long-term planning.


Scale Your Offerings
Maximize your marketing offerings and plan for the long term.

Go from business owner to entrepreneur by leaning into scalable processes and tools that enable you to grow your team with reliable, self-sufficient personnel.

Our virtual CFO services help you build that model by identifying ways to tweak your business practices for more holistic, long-term viability.

Using repeatable business practices, we look at the big picture and make smart projections, uncovering blind spots while celebrating the wins.

Get a financial roadmap that drives success, maximizes profits, and secures your future. 


Financial Experts Ready To Serve

Get a holistic approach that goes beyond numbers.

Financial consulting for marketing agencies reduces inefficiencies and boosts your bottom line by simplifying your business’s operational structure.

We leverage our extensive experience in accounting, finance, and operations to help you make bold decisions through insightful reporting that breaks down the cost and revenue cycle.

We evaluate personal, project, and day-to-day performance to get to the root of your business model.

We aren’t afraid to tell you no; instead, we’ll find ways to say yes to smarter opportunities. 

Personal Planning

Personal Planning

Our CFOs craft a financial framework that powers your rapidly expanding business and anticipates future needs.

If you've ramped up your workforce, we leverage key performance indicators to ensure top-notch efficiency and quality.

We'll design robust financial models tailored to your offerings, allowing you to hire top talent as either W2 or 1099 employees.

Project Planning

Project Planning

Our CFOs will help you master the art of winning the next big project while wrapping up your current pipeline.

With sensible processes, we’ll help you forecast for the long haul.

We optimize engagements that deliver profits by organizing, structuring, and delivering insights into all facets of your marketing B2B business.

Performance Planning

Performance Planning

There’s a distinction between hitting your revenue targets versus knowing your agency’s bottom line.

Our CFOs will deliver a two-phase approach to help you define that difference.

Using financial indicators and executable accounting, we deliver straightforward, no-nonsense solutions to enhance your agency's performance.

Ready to take the next step?

Imagine what we can do for you!

Experience the difference with Focus Energy’s premiere Fractional CFO services.

Our trusted network of CMOs, CPAs, and financial analysts is eager to support you so you can focus on your goals while we crunch the numbers to get you there.

Explore our services and schedule your appointment today to begin your path toward building the next phase of your business.

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