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We’re made up of smart, driven, and diverse experts who love finance and business strategy. It's why we do what we do, and do it well.

Our teams are outsourced partners in our client's success: their challenges, ambitions, and vision become our own. We understand our client's need for a virtual CFO, finance or business operations expert, as well as what actionable insights can do for their business growth.

Drew Lyon

Founder & Managing Partner
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As a fractional CFO with a broad and deep understanding of all aspects of business, Drew is dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses understand their financials, save money, and grow sustainably. That’s part of the reason why Drew set out to provide outsourced CFO services.

He is enthusiastic about understanding "the numbers," the operational truth behind them, and how to continually drive better results for our clients. He is also an expert in providing actionable insights through intuitive and connected accounting and finance. Drew’s success as a CFO stems from his extensive experience in the financial and accounting realm within the following sectors: traditional and renewable energy, industrial manufacturing, software/SaaS, services, consumer goods, tech-enabled services, construction, and food.

Drew is an avid artist, mountain biker (he rides nearly every day) and enjoys everything that The Promised Land (aka Colorado) has to offer.

Specialties: fractional CFO, strategic planning, financial leadership, and cash flow management

Education: B.S. in Business Administration

Ask me about: how I mountain bike with no depth perception 

Mike LaVillaMike LaVilla | Focused Energy Managing Partner | Operations & Strategy

Managing Partner
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Mike is an expert in the systems, methods and procedures to produce healthy organizations. He is passionate about the resounding impact companies have not only on its employees, but also the households they represent.

He began his career with Citigroup, where he led the team responsible for decentralizing U.S. operations functions. He's subsequently served in numerous leadership roles including leading the team responsible for deploying over $300M in capital to create a nationwide retail distribution channel for AT&T after it acquired McCaw Communications. Most recently, Mike was COO for CampMinder, where he contributed to the development of a world-class employee engagement score and client net promoter score.

A native of New York and former resident of Florida, Mike now calls Boulder, Colorado home. He is an active volunteer with the Colorado Chautauqua Association.

Specialties: fractional COO, change management, strategic operations, organization alignment, employee engagement, and business strategy

Education: B.S. in Business Administration

Hidden talent:  world's greatest uncle (and is currently compiling the KPI and metrics to support this claim)

Jim Farrel CFO/VP of Finance at Focused Energy Outsourced Accounting

James Farrell

CFO/VP of Finance
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Drawing on more than three decades of finance experience, James helps organizations make prudent finance decisions, plan their financial future, adopt continuous improvement practices, and achieve exceptional results. He is passionate about helping leaders realize their potential, maximize assets and make goals a reality.

James’ extensive experience – including prior work with global leaders such as Hubbell, General Electric and Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation – brings a depth and breadth of knowledge across industries and sectors. In this way, he is adept at objectively analyzing, advising and recommending strategies tailored to a business’ specific needs.

When not working, Jim relishes exploring the beauty of the outdoors and is an avid fan of golfing, swimming, biking, and fishing.

Specialties: finance, accounting, FP&A, strategy and execution

Education and certifications: B.S. in Accounting, MBA

Did you know: KPI's have always been near and dear to me. Even at a young age I kept statistics for Whiffleball!

Susan Gingery | Focused Energy VP of Operations and Strategy | Outsourced Accounting & Ops

Susan Gingery

COO/VP of Operations & Strategy
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Susan brings to Focused Energy extensive expertise in the field of business strategy, development and organizational growth, and is an integral member of our team. She takes an integrated approach to business and distills complex ideas into meaningful opportunities for client growth.

She is particularly adept at enhancing and aligning business operations and strategy. This includes fostering highly engaged teams that promote  healthy organizations. Susan earned her chops while working within SAAS, healthcare and design industries.

When not working, you can find Susan trail running, hiking, and traveling with friends.

Specialties: strategy, planning, organizational growth, employee engagement and business operations

Education and certifications: B.A. in Business Administration

Ask me about: Working le vendange in college

Desiree LarsonDesiree Larson, Outsourced Controller | Focused Energy

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Desiree is a seasoned accountant who lives and breathes numbers. With over 20 years of diverse industry experience, including in manufacturing and technology, she knows from experience what it takes to grow a small business and how to distil complex financial concepts into meaningful strategies.

Desiree’s experience allows her to dive into a business’s needs, helping them to maximize their potential in both profits and logistics. She takes the time to organize and restructure the financials in a tailored way, saving time and expenses in the process. Desiree’s goal is to help businesses become the best versions of themselves while not only meeting but exceeding their financial expectations.

As a mother, Desiree understands the importance of working hard for the goals she sets her mind to. With her two young sons always her top focus, Desiree spends her time away from work cooking, reading or being active outdoors.

Specialties: accounting & financial reporting, process improvement, inventory, HR & payroll, system integrations

Education & certifications:  B.S. in Accounting

Did you know: she homed her accounting skills playing "bank" as a kid with her grandma

Heather Spriggs, Outsourced Accountant | Focused EnergyHeather Spriggs

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Heather is an expert accountant with more than twenty years of experience in accounting operations and strategic financial management. She brings deep knowledge of financial reporting, inventory management, payroll, cash flow forecasting and accounting for small and mid-sized businesses.

Prior to joining Focused Energy, Heather worked in accounting roles across a variety of industries. Most recently, she served as an accountant with Jody L. Rogers, CPA and a controller for Coastal Equities, Inc.

In her free time, Heather is an avid reader and enjoys cooking.

Specialties:  inventory processes, HR, cash flow forecasting, payroll

Education & certifications: MBA, B.S. in Accounting

Did you know: Heather was born and raised in Maryland.

Dana White | Focused Energy Financial

Dana White

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Dana has over 10 years experience in finance, process improvement and project management across a diverse group of industries including business consulting, telecommunications, banking, utilities, government and biotechnology.

She's split her career between the public and private sectors, from providing business advisory services with Arthur Andersen and KPMG, to Finance Director and Controller roles in a number of organizations.  Through this she's gain experience in HR, payroll, systems implementations, risk mitigation, and strategic planning.  Helping organizations take their business to the next level by developing processes and leveraging technology is one of the most rewarding parts of her career.

Dana enjoys the mountains, the four seasons and everything else Colorado has to offer, but the best part is sharing it all with her young son.

Specialties: financial reporting, analysis & forecasting, project management, system implementation, process development, internal controls, auditing, risk management, HR, payroll

Education and certifications: MBA and B.S. in Accounting, CPA and CFE certified

Ask me about: my home remodeling skills.

Cathy Diggles, Accountant | Finance and Accounting | Denver Boulder

Cathy Diggles

Senior Accountant
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Cathy has more than 20 years financial experience across businesses of all sizes and industries including public, corporate, private, government, non-profits and farming. This has given her a diverse and deep understanding of the accounting needs of simple and complex businesses alike.

In addition to being a skilled accountant, Cathy brings a deep commitment to client services and helping businesses excel. She brings extensive expertise to provide solutions that help companies save time and money, so they can focus on their core business.

An avid nature lover, she spends much of her free time at a nearby lake as well as hiking, biking and kayaking. She also loves to travel and spend time with family, friends and dogs.

Specialties: financial accounting, payroll processing, auditing and tax preparation

Education: MBA (Spring ‘21), B.S. in Accounting, QuickBooks certified

Ask me about: the time I served as a magician’s assistant

max damewood headshot photo

Max Damewood

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Max grew up in a family of accountants, instilling a passion for analyzing the numbers, which had become a second language for him. Naturally, he graduated with a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting with Honors from Elon University.

Max specialized in auditing and initially worked as an internal auditor for Volvo, Group Truck Operations. He then transitioned to a small accounting firm handling everything from daily bookkeeping, tax preparation, and small business audits. Most recently, Max has devoted considerable effort to understanding the application of sales tax as it affects Focused Energy's clients throughout the United States.

When not helping out our clients, Max spends his free time maintaining his family's 1700's historic farm in Maryland. He also indulges in all things creative from music production to photography/cinematography to painting to graphic design.

Specialties: financial accounting & analysis, reconciliations, AR/AP management, payroll, sales tax

Education and certifications: B.S. in Accounting, Excel Data Analysis Certification

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Mary Carter | Finance and Accounting | Denver Boulder

Mary Carter

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Mary brings more than fifteen years of experience working with both small businesses and large corporations alike. With experience in the manufacturing, security and construction industries, she utilizes her Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado to apply her analytical background in mathematics and science to the world of finance.

Her expertise and experience allows her to think about each client's business from a holistic perspective and tailor solutions for their vision. With Focused Energy, Mary specializes in establishing proven processes for clients to ensure the highest standard of accuracy and scalable growth along with excellent customer service.

As a Colorado native, she enjoys spending her spare time camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains unless she can sneak away to the ocean to enjoy her true passion, which is scuba diving with sharks.

Specialties: financial accounting, budgeting, reporting & analysis, ERP implementation, payroll processing, project management, HR

Education: B.S. in Biology with emphasis on Mathematics & Finance

Ask me about: the time a blue heron made a visit to my yard and stole 3 of my koi fish for his dinner.

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