Your Fractional Finance & Operations Team

We’re made up of smart, driven, and diverse experts who love finance and business strategy. It's why we do what we do, and do it well.

Our teams are outsourced partners in our client's success: their challenges, ambitions, and vision become our own. We understand our client's need for a virtual CFO, finance or business operations expert, as well as what actionable insights can do for their business growth.

Drew Lyon, Founder of Focused Energy Outsourced CFOs and Fractional Finance

Drew Lyon

Founder & Managing Partner
Mike LaVilla, Focused Energy Managing Partner | Outsourced COO, Operations & Strategy

Mike LaVilla

Managing Partner
bjoern nordmann | Sales Director | Focused Energy Outsourced Finance, Operations Accounting

Bjoern Nordmann

Sales Director
Jim Farrel CFO/VP of Finance at Focused Energy Outsourced Accounting

James Farrell

CFO/VP of Finance
Virginia Ginny Dunn | outsourced finance accounting denver, co

Ginny Dunn

CFO/VP of Finance
Tiffany Wright, Focused Energy Outsourced CFO Denver, Colorado

Tiffany C. Wright

CFO/VP of Finance
Susan Gingery Outsourced COO | Focused Energy VP of Operations and Strategy | Outsourced Accounting & Ops

Susan Gingery

COO/VP of Operations & Strategy
Outsourced Controller Focused Energy Colorado

Ron Ehlinger

Desiree Larson | Focused Energy On Demand CFOs Denver

Desiree Larson

Heather Spriggs, Outsourced Accountant | Focused Energy

Heather Spriggs

Cathy Diggles, Outsourced Accountant | Focused Energy

Cathy Diggles

Senior Accountant
Mary Carter | Finance and Accounting | Denver Boulder

Mary Carter

max damewood headshot photo

Max Damewood

Marcia Saune | Denver Outsourced Accountant

Marcia Rosa


Our team includes expert CFOs, COOs, accountants, controllers, and business strategists

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