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CFO Consulting Services That Help Your Business Grow

You’re in a position where you make critical decisions that determine the future of your business. The pressure is on you not to miscalculate because even a minor error can cost your company its revenue and your employees their job. Your decisions also affect your reputation and, if there are any, exit plans.

How do you make strategic business decisions when you don’t have a complete picture of where you’ll stand financially after choices have to be made? A CFO consultant can make all the difference.

Focused Energy utilizes business information to home in on strategies and tactics to reduce stress, improve profitability, and increase a business’ chances of success. There are many ways our CFO Consultants can work alongside a company's currently existing financial team.

Let our CFO consulting firm help you

We take some of the burden off your shoulders by providing financial analysis and insights, helping you with cash flow growth and management, and more.

What is CFO consultancy?

Every business needs a trusted financial advisor, especially if it’s a small business that is only now taking off. A tenured financial consultant presents a clear and concise outcome of prospective financial strategies, as well as accurate and timely fiscal data. As a result, they help you get your finances on an upward trajectory.

SMBs and growing enterprises, in particular, may not currently have the resources to establish a team of employees dedicated to financial reports and strategies. But we can’t discount the need of someone who can oversee the different financial aspects of the organization. This is where outsourced CFO consultancy comes in.

Consultancy gives you access to the experience and expertise of a finance executive without having to shoulder the cost of a full-time in-house CFO. A CFO consultant operates under a part-time, retainer, or contract arrangement based on your current business needs.

These are the duties of a fractional CFO:

  • Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Planning
  • Financial Strategy Planning and Management
  • Recommending Feasible Ways to Raise Capital
  • Finding Solutions for Specific Business Goals and Challenges
  • Facilitating Business Growth and Financial System Improvement
  • Preparing Business Audits and Exit Plans, like Mergers and Acquisitions

An effective fractional CFO steers your organization in the right direction and helps you reach your goals.

How Do You Benefit from CFO Consultancy?

Outsourced CFOs cost less than a regular employee. You don’t have to cover their payroll, holiday work pay, vacation and sick leave, travel allowance, health insurance, income tax, and other costs that regular employees are entitled to receive. There are no recruitment fees or annual increases to add to your overall costs. Nevertheless, you get the professional services of a top-tier finance consultant with experience.

Also, consultants are exposed to a wide range of industries and organizational needs. They have wider skill sets that are critical when exploring potential solutions for your unique business situation.

CFO consultants provide financial visibility when you don’t have the time to pore over the smallest details of your organization’s finances. It’s important that you work with a trusted consultant who suggests the most beneficial business decisions for you.

These are the results of an effective consultancy:

  • Thorough understanding of your organizational goals
  • Clearer picture of how you can reach those organizational goals
  • Accurate identification of fiscal risks and the implications of financial decisions

From capital limitations to manpower restraints, there are many reasons to invest in outsourced CFO services. Our experienced team will help achieve your financial vision.

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Why Choose Our CFO Consulting Services?

To succeed, you must focus on the bigger picture and keep a close eye on the smallest details. High-level decision-making requires financial analysis and insights from an industry expert. Our finance consultants identify all of your business opportunities and provide actionable recommendations based on existing data.

Focused Energy’s consultants provide unmatched experience, insights, and skill sets.

Our CFO consulting group digs into the smallest fiscal details — we explore your strengths and weaknesses, and look into the implications of every probable move you can make — to help you make sound business decisions.

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