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Are you ready to like your finance and accounting team?

We want you to know as much about us as possible before you fill out that form. Let our founder, Drew Lyon, tell you about Focused Energy and what to expect when working with us.


Here's what you can expect from your fractional team:

  • Accountability! Doing what we say, when we say we will do it.
  • We identify how and where to save money, capture new opportunities, and drive higher profits and revenues
  • We create reporting that is proactive, actionable, and informative.
  • We tell you where the problem is, and why, and actually help you address it.
  • We continually assess the plan and targets to identify what needs to change, who is responsible, and we implement solutions. 
 Ultimately, We tell you what its going to take to be profitable and grow.


Founded in 2013 with a vision to give back to the community

$ MM

Supported in raising over $100MM in capital funds for our clients


Given over 2k pro-bono consulting hours to the community

Frequently asked questions

Yay! Someone to handle my numbers! Now what is this going to cost me?

The cool part of working with a fractional service is that we work on an hourly basis based on only what you need, or you can choose one of our packages. If you don't like any surprises or variables in cost, packages are a great option!

Do I need a CFO, Controller, Accountant?

We will help you figure that out before we start the project! We have clients that only need some basic accounting support, and we have clients that need multiple professionals helping with finance, operations, and accounting.

I already have an accounting team. Why do I need Focused Energy?

We work great with internal teams! Sometimes they need extra support, guidance, or aren't giving you the results you need. 

  • Is your accounting team identifying how and where to save money TODAY?
  • Are they giving you and your team reporting that is proactive, actionable, and informative?
  • Can they tell you where the problem is and why?
  • Are they adjusting the plan you had 6 months ago for today's economic climate?

What kind of companies does Focused Energy work with?

Our typical clients are:

  • Organizations needing some extra support
  • Leaders needing accurate numbers and actionable information

  • Companies ready to scale

  • Founders seeking financial excellence

Learn more about our clients and work here.