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Is your business full of deadweight personnel? Are your operational processes not streamlined? Or do you just want your company to perform better? Problems like these decrease the efficiency and profitability of your business. More importantly, they could negatively affect the morale of your employees.

Resist the urge to “fight fires” and to rely on solving issues only when they arise. Instead, invest in long-term solutions that permanently solve systemic issues in your company.

You can achieve this by engaging a professional consulting service for change management.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

Navigating the shifting dynamics of doing business, while staying true to or redefining your purpose and engaging your employees, is a balance of art and science.  From organization alignment and process improvement to strategic planning, our experienced consultants can help your business thrive.

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Our Change Management Process

Focused Energy is an experienced change management consulting firm, and we want to help your company achieve the culture of success it needs to become a powerhouse.

We help you change your management and revitalize your company through our Three-Step Operations program. We designed this process to avoid taking short cuts that could prove disastrous in the future and leave no room for inaction to fester and slow down your efforts.

It involves three stages: Crawl, Walk, and Run.

  • Crawl

In this phase, we work with you and your staff to gather observations. Together, we help you formulate mission objectives, align different departments with one another, and share your goals. Once we have observed your organization and its processes sufficiently, we provide you with our initial assessments.

  • Walk

During the walk phase, we consolidate our accumulated observations to determine your company’s opportunities for growth and improvement. In this stage of the process, we analyze your workflow patterns for redundancies and determine morale through employee surveys. We also work with you to come up with contingency plans in case of unforeseen incidents that may prevent our initial designs from implementing well.

  • Run

The final stage is the implementation phase. Using all the insight and information gleaned from the previous stages, we can make an informed plan that uses your strengths and addresses weaknesses. We analyze key performance indicators for signs of improvement, document processes for future reference, and facilitate the change you want to happen in your business.


Gather observations and share assessments


Identify opportunities for improvement


Implement changes and iterations for continuous improvement

Expert Change Operations Consulting

An effective change in operations can shake things up for your company and bring multiple benefits not just to you, but also to your employees.

  • By getting rid of redundant processes and shifting people to do the right jobs, you can increase employee engagement and improve their efficiency in their roles.
  • Improved operational processes and employee morale leads to greater profitability since your company can provide better services.
  • Slower downtimes and more efficient operations also improve customer satisfaction since your company and employees can now meet their needs in a better fashion.
  • All these benefits combined contribute to increased revenue from efficient processes to more customers.

By integrating organizational alignment with process improvement to meet your company’s goals, we can affect change. Effective change of operations can keep your business and your employees energized and ready to build a better future for your enterprise.

Why Choose Us

Focused Energy’s team of financial experts and organizational process professionals seek to reduce inefficiencies, increase your profitability, and improve your company’s chances of becoming the next commercial powerhouse.

Through meticulous data gathering, operational observation, and years of experience in the field of finance, our experts can identify weak points and assist you in transforming them into new strengths for your business.

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These are the sorts of questions our clients ask that would require our services:

  • How do we ensure our employees are energized and engaged in building our future?
  • What is the best way to reduce project overruns or re-work?
  • Some of our business areas are outperforming others. How can we glean and institute best practices from one department to another?
  • We just acquired a new company/department. How do we make sure we’re all aligned culturally and limit disruption?

How can we help your business achieve its goals?
Focused Energy is a trusted C-Suite advisor and has an expert team from a variety of industries and backgrounds. To speak with one of our experts today,  contact us or call 844-413-6287.

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Focused Energy is dedicated to providing busy business leaders with the data, tools and skills needed for their businesses to thrive. We take a holistic approach -- from forensic accounting and cash management to operations efficiency and employee engagement.

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