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Our value

We provide fractional support and guidance for core business functions. There is a clear connection between financial potential and operation processes – you can’t build success on a weak foundation. We connect the dots.

Focused Energy’s strategic services cover the entire spectrum of business performance. We can provide the right combination of capabilities, resources, and approaches to deliver results.

Our breadth of insight is key to helping businesses thrive, improve revenue and fuel growth.

CFO Services

  • CFO Consulting
  • Fractional CFO
  • Financial Strategy & Modeling
  • Transition & Exit Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Funding & Capitalization
  • IPO preparation

COO Services

  • COO Consulting
  • Fractional COO
  • Change Management
  • Organization Alignment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Methods & Process Improvement
  • Operations Strategy

Accounting Services

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budget Variance & Analysis
  • Reporting & Forecasting
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Audit Preparation
  • Due Diligence & Valuation
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable


Stop Working So Hard
... and still get the results you need

Imagine hiring a leader with the expertise, industry knowledge and experience needed for your business precisely when you need it. Working with Focused Energy, our unique, multidisciplinary team of outsourced CFO, COO and finance advisors can be that trusted resource.

Our expert team has decades of finance, business and executive experience. We can work as a seamless part of a company’s leadership team or as an independent group. Plus, as outsourced advisors, companies get a myriad of expertise in a single package at a fraction of what they would normally pay for full-time staff.


Trusted Advisers & True Allies

Did you know nearly 65% of companies fail? It’s often because business leaders struggle to wear many hats, and don’t fully understand their cash flow or know how to properly scale growth to meet their business goals. Focused Energy is committed to changing that.

Business Windfall | Denver & Boulder Consultants
Team strategy business growth | Focused Energy Financial Operations Advisors

Get Tough Answers to Tough Questions

Companies rise or fall based on their ability to meet challenges head-on. Become the business you were born to be with Focused Energy. We are partners for your business vision and agents of change. We offer tools to foresee business opportunities and guidance to navigate hurdles.

Is Your Financial Reporting Doing Its Job?

Take a look at your business plan and books. Is it telling the story of real, measurable growth? Are you on track for the coming quarter or next year? Talk to us today about how Focused Energy can help fundamentally change the questions (and answers) you are asking to achieve goals.

Why Business Fail & How to Succeed | Focused Energy Outsourced Financial Advisors
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Dan Konigsberg testimonial headshot I appreciate many things about the relationship, but the thing that stands out the most is your level of passion and dedication. I've always felt that your team has been fully invested in our success and you've gone above and beyond to deeply understand our business and help us in ways beyond what we expected.

~ Dan Konigsberg, Chief Executive Officer at CampMinder

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