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SaaS Company Saves $600k in Tax Breaks

CampMinder, a privately-held SAAS organization in its 19th year, has earned a stellar reputation as a market leader. However, encroaching competition highlighted the need to create further differentiation to maintain their spot in the marketplace. CampMinder’s CEO was confident that by executing the right strategic plan they could continue to keep their clients happy while growing their presence. Unfortunately, the absence of a clear, comprehensive, and trusted financial forecast was making it difficult to make decisive, data-driven decisions.

Why CampMinder reached out for fractional services:

  • An industry-leading SaaS provider was ready to scale to the next level, but was concerned about the validity of their financial reporting and ability to self-finance its strategic opportunities.
  • There were further concerns that CampMinder was not receiving the correct amount of shared revenue from a strategic partner.

Focused Energy's solution:

Focused Energy overhauled CampMinder’s financial operations, including a complete assessment of all revenue and expense items, uncovering discrepancies, cost saving opportunities, and favorable tax optimization strategies. We quickly implemented processes to improve strategic planning, including a three-year cash flow model, with the ability to adjust various cost and revenue variables, to empower the leadership team to understand the impact various outcomes and conditions would have on financial performance.

The end result:

  • Focused Energy conducted a 7-year forensic analysis which helped reclaim $75k in lost revenue and implemented tax strategies that saved $600k YOY.
  • Focused Energy ensured CampMinder could focus on executing the right strategic plan and deploying funds, secure in the fact that FE was getting the “back of the house” in order.
  • Additionally, new financial processes were put in place which gave CampMinder the ability to more accurately track costs and make better decisions when determining company direction.

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