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Take Control of Your Finances

Focused Energy's Valerie Hiduke was a proud presenter at Longmont's 2020 Startup Week, sharing tips on setting your business up for financial success right away.Logo Longmont Startup Week | Focused Energy Presentation

Building a company from the ground up is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do. In comparison to the creative and logistical needs of getting of the ground, controlling your finances might sound like a simple task, but it is just as important to getting off on the right foot. Unfortunately, most people don't fully grasp the "how" to set up or "what" those numbers mean.

We can help, with specific tips for what to think through when starting your business or how to streamline processes to get the biggest bang for your buck (no pun intended!). Watch below.

Longmont Startup Week is a collaborative annual gathering in Longmont, Colorado, for entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, investors and talent that invigorates and nurtures Longmont’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by leveraging Longmont’s innovative human and social capital, and infrastructure.

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